Mundane Black and White

One of the things I've been doing as I practice more with black and white pictures is to take pictures of things that I see every day.  It's supposed to get me thinking outside the box, I assume.  This, of course, is a stretch for me.

This is the lamp over my kitchen table.  So, yes, I see it every day.  I love to take pictures of lamps and see what comes of it.

I see this bird feeder every day during the hummingbird season.  It's right out the window to my desk, so I can watch the beauties as they come to eat.  They're mostly gone now.  Sometimes, it's funny when visitors come to my back door and they bump their head on it.

The water looked a little cloudy the day I took it; that's what happens when it sits out in the sun too long.  I liked how the spider web was visible.