Sights of the season

Every year, my mother-in-law makes pine pots and gives them away.  She is a wonderful flower arranger, and they always look beautiful.  She goes into the woods behind the house and gathers cedar, juniper, and pine boughs, and then arranges them in pots.  She always makes two for me, and they arrive on my doorstep without announcement.  

This one was a smaller one, hanging on a lampost we had on our front lawn.  We had that removed over the summer.  She was quite surprised when she arrived this year, and she had nowhere to put the hanging basket.

The big one on my front step is sitting under an awning, and as the snow melted this past week, the droplets made contact with the plant, and created some lovely ice sculptures.

I hope to get some more pictures with snow on the boughs.  The pots last all winter, and I usually don't take them down until well after Christmas.