Playing Grandma

I don't have any grandchildren, but I get to babysit now and then.  It's always fun because I can play and hug and cuddle with them.  I also like to take pictures.

I haven't done a lot of pictures of people.  People are hard because they move, and inside, lighting is not good.  I'm also a little overwhelmed at the amount of photo editing people do, to the point where the person has no facial flaws at all.  I like stark pictures of people; it's more realistic.

Anyway, here are two pictures of the same child, taken about a year apart.  In the first one, we're trying to keep the dog from snatching the football.  In the second picture, he's concentrating on trying to get a soccer ball in a basketball net.


He has an equally photogenic younger sibling who I have take pictures of.  Maybe I'll post one of her soon.