I live near a park that is commonly known as "The Duck Park."  It has an official name, complete with a sign that the taxpayers paid for, but we seldom use that name. I go there frequently to take pictures of the ducks and geese, and also because it looks great at sunset.

About a year ago, I took this one.  Some Canada Geese fly away, but a lot of them stay.  They frequently hold up traffic so that they can cross the streets in town.

Ducks are in the minority, and there aren't many white ones.  There are often trios of ducks wandering about, usually two male and one female.  Sometimes, I see other ducks wandering around, but not the white ones.

This is a one of a kind in the duck park, and I have no idea what it is.  I call him "Chicken Duck."  He's never with the other birds in the park; he's always alone.  Is he an outcast?  Someone told me he got run over last week, because there were white fathers and blood on the road near the park, and he's been absent from the park.  Maybe he got lonely and flew to the land of other  Chicken Ducks.

We do have a swan in our park, and he's affectionately known as "Vaughan."  I tried to take his picture a few times, but he would never slow down enough to get a good picture.  I did get this picture at another park.  Maybe he's Vaughan's cousin.

In my travels, I often see hawks sitting on telephone wires.  One day, I'll try to capture a picture of one of them.