Cemeteries and Waterfalls

What does one do with over 200 pictures from a waterfall and a cemetery?  Go through them slowly.  The trip to Webster's Falls was preceded by an impromptu visit to a very old United Empire Loyalist burial ground in Boston, Ontario.  Hubby's ancestors come from that general area, and I wanted to see this old cemetery.  It was rich with photo ops.  The waterfall was less than spectacular, sadly, because the water level was down, so it wasn't nearly as dramatic as hoped.  Plus, we were not allowed down the gorge at the bottom, so an opportunity missed.  Maybe next time.  Did get some really great shots from the top, though, which I hope to look more closely at later.

This is my favourite of the day.  Elder Fairchild was one of the founders of Boston Baptist Church, which I hope to photograph soon.  Many of the headstones here were unreadable due to time and the elements, but not this one, despite the date of death being 1828.  His faith and confidence were strong in the Lord.  What better words could one have on his headstone?

This has to be the creepy shot of the day.  The beautiful, but worn fence around the cemetery seemed to attract these ugly little things.

I hope to edit some of the waterfall pictures.  The outlook where we were was very "Last of the Mohicans-ish."  I expected at times to see Daniel Day-Lewis running through the bush.