Anatomy of a Waterfall

I learned a lot about taking pictures of waterfalls....  a day after these pictures were taken.  It was just a random thing.  I discovered a Canadian landscape photographer, and he  had advice for great waterfall shots; all of course, which I did not know.  Better luck next time.

First, you need to be down below for the best shots, and secondly, overcast days are better.  I wish I had known about shutter speeds and the effect on the water, but hey, I learn by doing, so this was a waterfall 101 day.

Furthermore, the circular polarizer that I bought a couple of hours after these pictures would have contributed to reducing the harshness of the light.  I had fun learning, though!

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

We actually stood behind the top of the waterfall before we saw it from the overlook.   En route to where we could see the whole waterfall, we stopped to see the city behind the trees.  When we were behind the top of the falls, my husband wanted me to climb the fence and actually stand right in the water at the top of the falls, but I have this funny thing about obeying guidelines not to climb fences.