Thorny issues

These thorny plants are in the roadsides everywhere I drive.  When the Queen Ann's Lace was in abundance, these looked different, but they were everywhere.  Now, they are mostly brown.  The other night, I was out at twilight to take a picture of a steel silo.  It must be the farmer roots in me, but I love silos.  I did get some nice pictures, but these were in the road along the way:

There was a cornfield in behind them.  The corn around here suffered a lot because this is the second year of drought.  It's kind of bedraggled looking, so I didn't take many pictures of it.  The thorns were so good, I took their picture again in black and white.

I did get the silo, but this wasn't my favorite picture.  It would have been nicer if the sun had more colour in it, or if there were some dramatic clouds.