Facing East

My kitchen, at the back of my house, faces east.  My desk, which is where, technically, a dining room ought to be, also faces east.  I am blessed to see beautiful shades of light every morning. I'm a morning person; usually up by 6:00 a.m.  I especially like the way the light falls in autumn, when the sun is low.  This picture was taken on September 20, 2011.  The dog ended up moving when her sun bathing was interrupted.

This bookshelf, where my desk is, doesn't get dusted often.  You can tell.  It was originally photographed in colour, but I switched it to monochrome, because I didn't like the colour the books were and didn't like it when I adjusted it.

This plant has been on my table for a long time.  A student in our youth group gave it to me.   I liked the way the green of the leaves was lit up.  You can see the shadows from the garden door, which is behind the table.

My husband arrived home on the weekend with some flowers.  I was immediately drawn to the texture of the leaves.  The shadows of this corner, the north east, are more apparent in monochrome.

When the colour is put back on, the warmth of the picture is apparent.  I've been photographing in black and white alone this past week, but I wanted the colour of this flower to show, too.