The original web

Before there was the internet, there were spider webs.  The second picture of my 365 days project was a spider web.  I love taking pictures of spider webs, especially when there is water around them.  Here are some I took over the course of the year.

These were taken September 2, 2011, May 3, 2011, June 22, 2011, and August 15, 2011.  I think I like the way they look in monochrome best.  The first picture, the web went all the way from the wrought iron fence to the car in the background.  My favourite one is the one from June.  All of these were in my own backyard, reminding me again that some of the best pictures are not of exotic, faraway places, but in the ordinary.

All of these with the exception of the last were taken in early morning, the best time to see spider webs.