Location, location, location

I love sunsets.  I grew up in Western Canada, where the horizon is long and the sky is big.  It made for gorgeous sunsets.  I distinctly remember travelling between Calgary and Winnipeg, and watching a beautiful one out the back window.  When I moved here to Ontario, I found that there was something lacking in them when the horizon is cluttered.  I discovered that sunsets need room and open spaces.  In northern Ontario, near Dryden, I took these two with my first digital camera, a Sony Cybershot.  This place, Trout Fly Lake, has sunsets like these regularly.

Here in town, it's hard to get exactly what one wants unless she looks for contrast and interesting shapes.  I took this the other night near the high school in my small town.  I found myself wishing I could get on the roof of the houses behind me so i could get a better view.

Sunsets are great to ponder, because the surrounding objects, cloud cover, and time of day make them unique, just like snowflakes.  One of these days, I'm going to find a farmer's field around here where I can get more open space.