Food Frenzy

During my 365 Days project, one of the things I wanted to do when I took pictures was to take pictures of ordinary things.  On September 7, 2011, I took a picture of this cornbread.  You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.

Well, it wasn't exactly something out of a food magazine, but I liked the idea of taking pictures of food.

On November 24, I made some applesauce with the last of my apples.  I had bought a bushel earlier in the fall.

My applesauce came out a little rosy in this batch, and I think it was because the apples were older.  It tasted okay, though.

In February, my friend, Sherri made me a birthday cake.  We actually had it on February 14, so I was able to keep the leftovers for my sweetheart.

I told my friend that this counter was designed to be used for food photographs.  My friend is a very good cook, and she uses this pristine counter top for lots of food prep.

My kids' favourite cookies are called Ginger Crinkles.  Every time they have friends over and I serve these cookies, their friends love them.  On June 6, I made this batch because my son was having his friend over.

When I first looked at the cookie pictures in Photoshop, I counted seventeen different shots of them.  I felt kind of silly, but I guess that's what we call working the subject.

My daughter loves beans and peas.  When she was home on June 6, I made this salad because I knew she would like it.  Someone told me that this picture was better than the one on the website where I got it from.  My daughter suggested I might have a career in food photography.  I doubt it.

I suppose the challenge of taking picture of food is to make it look appetizing.  My son said he thought the picture was nice, but he wouldn't try the salad.