Straightening and Cropping

I'm always amazed at what people can do with really good photo editing skills.  I think I'm of the mind that capturing the picture and doing the editing are two different skills.  I'm not interested in taking pictures to make art.  I'm more about preserving the moment.   My goals are more focused in the area of composition.   I will likely never move beyond the "snapshot" phase, but that's fine; I just want to learn.

This is a picture of what I took a year ago.  It's unedited, and the only reason it caught my eye was because of the yellow leaves reminding that it was now September:

Fairly boring.  I don't think I even used any manual settings.  I just had it on fully auto with no flash.

I took the picture into Photoshop to practice straightening the picture by rotating it barely a degree to the right, so as to straighten the bottom beam of the fence.  I also took the opportunity to fool around with the colour, and at one point, I had the green leaves looking kind of purple, but I don't really know much about that yet.  Instead, I just cropped the picture and made the yellow a little more noticeable.

It's still not a work of art, and not even a really inspired photograph, but it will be part of my book of pictures.  I will be printing my photos off and keeping them in an album.


I'm learning little by little how to do things; it keeps my grey matter working, I guess.