With colour or without?

I really like black and white pictures.  I like them more since I bought a big book of Ansel Adams' pictures.  I think it's a very different beast, working with monochrome.  I'd like to explore that more.  I did some experiments in August, taking pictures of the same thing in colour and without.

These flowers were clearly in their last stages, and with the twilight sun pouring in on my right, they looked kind of sparse.  I switched to monochrome.


The picture has a different look entirely.  

These strange looking things were in the ditch at my mother-in-laws.

They look kind of cool already, because they're weird and hairy-looking.  They're spookier when they're shot in monochrome.

I think they look more striking this way.  I'm hoping to learn more about black and white in the future.