My homemaker side

When our family was made up of just my husband, me, and my first child, I baked bread weekly; three loaves.  It was more than enough for us.  When I had child number two, bread baking came to a halt, largely because he was so cantankerous for the first few months, it was a lot easier to buy it from the store.  When number three came, his sleep habits put bread baking to the end for quite a while.

Now that they are all at school, I realized I had time for fun things like this.  Yesterday, I made three loaves of soft whole wheat bread, with a recipe courtesy of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.  This loaf has the classic signs of having too much flour in it, the rough, pitted surface on top.  It was just so sticky while kneading, I felt like it needed more.  Next time, I'll be more careful.  It was delicious, too, especially with the strawberry jam I made this past summer!