Don't shoot and drive

Yesterday, I was out driving to my son's school, and I had an occasion to stop at a train crossing.  I had to wait a long time; fifteen minutes.  As I waited, and watched the colourful grafitti clunk past I felt sorry that I hadn't put my camera in the front seat with me.  Yesterday was Thursday, and I have decided I want to spend Thursdays with photos, either editing them or taking them.  I brought my camera along because there was a particular place I wanted to photograph.  I got distracted with the train.

The delay made me behind schedule, so I didn't stop where I wanted on the way there.  On the way back, it was snowing, and there was a long line of cars behind me, so I couldn't stop where I wanted. Again, I was stopped at the same train track, but this time, it was moving much faster.  I had my camera in the front this time, took it out and thought, "I'm going to get a great picture of this thing speeding by."  Unfortunately, I only got a chance to do it once, because it was past so quickly.

In my haste to get my picture, I put the lens cap in the cup holder beside me, and when I pulled over a bit later to get it out and put it back on my camera, it got stuck.  I had to get  tiny paring knife out when I got home and flip it out.  The moral of the story is don't shoot and drive.