Family heirlooms

In 1972, my parents began looking for a piano to buy.  My father had learned growing up, and they wanted us also to learn to play.  There was not a lot of funds in those days for such things, but they saved.  Somewhere in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they came across an old upright that was in need of being re-finished and re-strung.  For the then-substantial sum of $500, our piano was purchased.

I still have the receipt for the downpayment they put on it.

Six children learned how to play on this piano, built in the 1920's; two of my brothers and me, and all three of my children.  When my kids were younger, this old baby got a real workout.  

That G that is popped up has been re-glued several times.  My brother recently asked me if I thought the piano was worth anything, since it's so old.  It's only value to me is my attachment to a piece of my past and the past of my kids.