Two Christmas gifts

I was blessed by the generosity of parents and in-laws and given contributions to a new camera body.  I originally had a Rebel XS, but I wanted something that was better under lower light conditions, so I did some research and compared the T4i and the T3i.  The very helpful gentleman at the store (I am so thankful for people who still run stores, and know their products!) told me that unless I am interested in taking more videos (I'm not yet) the T3i would be my best bet.  The XS was only 14MP, and the T3i is 18, and the processor is better.  It is indeed better in low light, as evidenced by this picture, which is also because of another gift.  My mother-in-law gave me a muffin tray that makes square muffins.  I thought immediately of making cornbread, which I did.  I did not have to use a tripod for this picture.  With my other camera, I would have had to.

One of the reasons I wanted to get better at taking pictures is that I love landscapes, yet the pictures I end up liking best are often of food!  Not exactly what I expected.