Thankful Thursday

Beauty can be found everywhere. In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to see beauty in North Carolina, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon. 

But there is beauty even in this small town where I live. 

Close to my home, there is a baseball field. It's a very well-kept ball park which is surrounded by a rural environment.  

I love the contrast of fall; the washed out colour of these soybeans against a clear sky.

I also like shadows and old page wire fences. 

I was able to get close to the soybeans without trespassing. 

Alongside the ballpark, there is a trail that used to be a railway line. My husband and I bike on the trail. There are always many wildflowers and shrubs along the way. 

I was one of a few people in the park that day. The town allows us to walk our dogs off-leash at this park. I take my own dog there. In fact, it was on one of our walks, where we strolled along the edge of the park where the fence is, and where she can put her Beagle nose to the ground, that I realized this was a treasure trove of photo ops. 

As I walked along that morning, I spoke out loud, "Lord, I love to take pictures."  

And it's always nice to see a picture in my mind and have it turn out the way I hoped, like this one.