Favourite photos

This past year I was able to go to places rich with photo opportunities. One of the goals I had with my feeble photographic attempts was to improve, however slightly, taking landscapes. I was happy with a few of the pictures I took. My eye tends to gravitate to the close-up, so when I went to places that were perfect for landscapes, I tried hard to think more constructively about my pictures. Here are some of my favourites.

In March, I took a trip to North Carolina. It as cold by the beach, but I did get out for a few pictures.

While I was in the airport in Washington, D.C., I asked a man if I could photograph his daughter. She was all smiles until I took her picture, and then she frowned. I don't have a lot of practice taking pictures of babies, so this was a good opportunity.

In June, I went to Victoria, B.C. with my daughter, and I loved being by the harbour.

Going to the Yukon was the highlight of my year. It was  wonderful trip with my husband, and a place we eagerly want to return to. There were just too many photo opportunities to cope with. This picture, near Emerald Lake, was one of my favourites.

I was also able to get "home" this summer. Home to Western Canada where my heart lies. I was able to see my family and take some pictures of my aunt's flower garden. I was also able to go out at sunset, my favourite time of the day.

A broken toe and icy conditions over the past while has kept me inside. I'm hoping to get out again once my house has quieted down. And I hope to continue to improve.