5 days, 30 pictures, 1 subject

In an effort to focus more on the composition of my photos, I'm going to do a little exercise.  I am going to take a picture of the same subject for five days, six pictures each day.  The subject is going to be bigger than a car, so I'm going to a park where I like to take pictures.  This was one I took last February in that park:

I go here often to photograph in the late afternoon.  There are usually Canada geese hanging around.

For each day, I will shoot under different times, lighting conditions, or lens.  I will also have a day where I change cameras.  I upgraded my Canon Rebel this past Christmas to the T3i from an XS.  The T3i takes much bigger files with much better resolution, but I still use the XS for just wandering around.  It will be good for composition exercises, and I won't have to worry about changing lenses on the other camera.  Right now, I'm using the T3i for lots of macro pictures until Spring finally arrives.

Today, I'm going to use midday light, with the XS and a 15-55mm kit lens which came with my T3i.  I will take all six pictures facing south.

On the next occasion, I will alter my position and use the same camera and lens, and hopefully, similar lighting conditions.

My plan is to have at least one day using morning light and another using late afternoon light.

Hopefully, this will be a good learning experience.