Composition lesson favourites

I decided to do a little exercise whereby I photographed the same thing thirty times.  I did it over five different days, using different lighting conditions, directions, and different lenses.  I was disappointed in the end with how ugly the little windmill in the park turned out to be. It was very worn and the paint was peeling.  Now that can always prove interesting, but it wasn't worn enough.  I may try it again at another time.  I'm going to start another 30 project of a different subject, which I hope will yield different results.

I did get a couple of pictures I liked, though.  Pussy willows; how springy!

Beside the ugly little windmill in the park, there is a stream, and that had some potential. The best thing would have been to actually get into the water, but I don't (yet) have any hip waders, so did the best I could.

At some point this summer, I'm going to take pictures of rushing water, using different shutter speed and aperture combinations.