Fungus and wood

Last night, I went for a walk taking only a 50mm lens with me.  It's not my favourite lens, but it's light, and that was what I was going for. It's always nicer to have a zoom to give more flexibility, and there were a few times when I wish I'd just brought it with me.

Despite the lack of focal range, I did take some pictures I was happy with. As always, there is fungus.

Along the trail, where the creek was, further down, there were trees with pieces like this as large as kitchen plates. This was about three inches across.

The trail is an abandoned rail line, and well used. There are lots of interesting views of tress intersecting each other.

This was right in the middle of the path.  We had to walk around it.

And of course, my favourite thing to do is get in very close. I was happy with this picture because this 50mm lens is not one of Canon's better lenses. It certainly isn't as good as my macro, but it did the job.

I did see some pretty, dainty flowers, which I hope to post this week.