The overlooked ones

Last year, when I was working on my 365 Days project, I didn't take just one picture every day. I usually took several, depending on where I was. At the end of every week, I took the pictures off my camera and set aside my favourite picture. 

I kept all of the other pictures I took. Sometimes, I took several pictures of the same thing. Some of them need to be removed from my Photoshop organizer because I need the room. Some of them are actually pictures I like, even if they weren't the one I chose for the day. Here are three pictures I didn't pay much attention to at the time, but I like them now. All were taken in August. 

Queen Anne's Lace, getting ready to open: 


Saw these coming home from taking pictures at another location. At the base of my neighbour's tree: 

I was driving out in the countryside and stopped at a cemetery in an little Baptist church yard. I saw these leaning against the back door of the church: