A favourite place

One of my favourite places in the county where I live is the old railway crossing, which goes over the ponds in a town nearby. It's about twelve miles from my house. Last night, my husband and I rode our bikes there. It was a very similar night to when these pictures were taken. These were taken in late June of last year. It was a warmer evening, so the sky is not nearly so blue, but it was about the same time. 

Instead of a railway track, there's a walking/biking trail In recent years, there was been financial aid given so that the wood on the bridge is fairly new.

The trail runs north-south, so depending on the time of day, you can catch nice shadows. 

Facing east, you can see the town. I was using a 24mm wide angle lens for these pictures, so I couldn't zoom in to get the buildings. I hope to do that before the summer is over. 

This was very similar to what it looked like last night. I'm afraid we left our visit a little late. I was wearing prescription sunglasses, and the ride home through the trail was kind of dark. Next time, I'll drive and take my new tripod. Since last year, a little bridge has been built going across the pond, and fishermen take advantage of it.  

You don't have to go far to find beautiful things. They're often in your own back yard.