Where it all started

Almost three years ago, I borrowed the Canon Rebel of one of my son's friends. We were taking a road trip across the country, back to stubble jumpin' country; the place of my birth. 

I decided on that trip that I was going to get a new camera. I had always wanted to take pictures. I had a polaroid camera when I was a teen. I bought a fully manual 35mm SLR camera when I was newly married. My dad bought me a Canon camera when my kids were small, and my first digital camera was a Sony Cybershot. This Rebel, I decided was my favourite. Digital cameras are an amateur's dream, because we can shoot hundreds of pictures in practice and see what they look like, what we don't like about them, and if there is any hope at all for a decent shot. I love my camera. 

I'm heading back to where it all started. I'm hoping that in the almost three years since I've been there, I will have learned a wee bit more about taking pictures. This time, I have a brand spankin' new tripod to use. 

Here we go.

Here is my self-portrait from October 2010. I only wish I was that tall. 

A little family heritage here. Looks different than when my grandfather and grandmother were newlyweds.