Come to the Yukon River with me

In Whitehorse, a few blocks from our hotel, there was a walking path by the river. It was a very peaceful spot during the week. On the Saturday we were there, it was quite busy with people greeting relay runners who had been on a run between Skagway, Alaska and Whitehorse. When I was there on Tuesday morning, it was very peaceful. 

It was trying to be sunny, but it was partly overcast, which is actually quite nice for photos. 

My husband and I noticed on the first day how fast the water was running. If you found yourself in that water, it would be a chore to get yourself out.

There was a lot of this flower all over the roadsides. I think it's Fireweed, but I could be wrong. On our tour to Skagway, our tour driver said something about Fireweed, but I was pre-occupied, looking out the window, and I think I wasn't paying attention.

It was a really pretty thing, especially when I got close up. It was pretty breezy the morning I was there, and I had left my tripod at the hotel, but I did manage to get one close up that wasn't out of focus.  

It was a really beautiful addition of colour along the river. This picture was taken the Saturday before, on our first full day. Overcast days really do bring out the colour of flowers.