Along the Klondike Highway

Along the Klondike Highway, there is a small town called Carcross. It used to be called Caribou Crossing, but I guess the caribou don't cross there, anymore, so the name has been abbreviated. 

We stopped at this little town en route to Fraser, B.C.  It was a mix of sun and cloud, and I loved the shadows over the mountain tops.

You can see our tour busses here. The building behind them is the hotel, which has apparently not been open for some time. There is nowhere to stay in Carcross; unless, of course, you know someone who lives there. 

There may be no hotels, but there were stores and shops to visit. I heard rumours of a bakery that made some pretty great cinnamon buns. Many of the stores looked like this one. 

The thing I liked about Carcross was being able to be near the water. 

It's always nice to see the mountains from a lower level.