It's a Canuck Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada. I'm very thankful that we celebrate this holiday at this time of year. The colours are beginning to get vibrant, and the days are often warm and the evenings crisp.

Out on my travels this week (I bought a new totebag so I could always have my camera with me without dragging along my camera bag, which is heavy and awkward) I stopped for a few pictures

This is a farm I pass by often. It's a gorgeous place, with its buildings set far from the road, and with rolling landscape. Last year they had corn; this year, soybeans. The owner of the place arrived home as I took this, and when she saw that I was taking pictures, she smiled, waved, and told me to have a nice afternoon.

The road where that farm is runs along the Grand River. It is a narrow road, with few places to stop. There is a town where one can park to gain access to the Rail Trail. I've been there in the summer. I stopped on Wednesday afternoon.

The leaves are not quite as vibrant as they will be in a week or so. It was very cold that afternoon, and I was sorry I didn't have gloves. I'm going to have to get some of those fingerless gloves.

There is a lot of Sumac along the trail. It's one of my favourite things about fall, even though when you get close up, it's not nearly as nice as the maple or oak leaves. It does look striking along roadsides, especially when there is still quite a bit of green.