Learning to love blur

I've never played around with blur in my pictures very much. I'm a real amateur, and I generally just want the picture to look sharp. But I do love some of the pictures I've seen where blur has been deliberately cultivated, and not occurred because of an error.

I decided to use my Christmas tree as a way to experiment. Picture taking time was at a real minimum over the holidays, unfortunately. There was just too much else to do. One of my Christmas gifts was a camera bag which is a sling, and I hope to make use of that soon.

This was the only shot that came close to what I wanted. Maybe next year a quieter Christmas will afford more time.

On the upside, I had processed a collection of pictures I took at my mother-in-law's in the fall. I had them put into a frame and gave it to her as a gift. The possibility of photos as a gift has been opened to me.