The end of an era

My next door neighbour has been living in his house since 1953. He's about 88 years old, I think.

In his back yard, he had a big birch tree. It was so big, it shaded our yard.

In October, there was a huge wind storm, and one afternoon as I sat at my desk, a massive portion of the tree crashed over into my driveway. Thankfully, my son had just backed the car out ten or fifteen minutes earlier. Had the car been there, it would have crushed our vehicle. When the tree cutter came to remove the debris, one of the logs was about 1500 pounds.  If you look closely, you can see where the branch on the left used to have another section growing beside it, but has a broken piece remaining.

My neighbour decided to have the whole thing cut down, and this was one of the very last pictures I took of it. I have always love the silhouette its upper branches created in the morning as the sun rose. I'll miss that tree, as will the squirrels who used it to hop from it to my garage roof. My neighbour won't, but I've enjoyed the beauty it has created.