We can all dream, right?

On Wednesday morning, my husband was leaving the house very early when he popped his head back in to tell me that the perfect morning winter sky was available for photos. It was very cold; about -21C, I think. I took a look out the side window and saw a perfect crescent moon and Venus up to the right of it. I was skeptical that I could get much of a shot, but I got my tripod out and took a few pictures. 

The lens I used for this was a 28-135mm zoom lens, and to get a good picture of the moon, 200-300mm is preferred. I have a really cheap zoom lens that is 200mm, but it isn't the greatest, and I didn't have it ready to use at 6:00 a.m. I figured I would just use what I had on my camera body.

Some day, I'd like to have a lens that would do this scene justice. We can all dream, right?