When you don't have a camera

My husband and I had a hotdog today down by the lake. It's about a fifteen minute drive to this local tourist spot. It was an impromptu lunch, so I didn't take my camera with me. I do have an iPhone, and it takes fairly good pictures so long as you don't expect it to behave like a DSLR.

What I found interesting was the difference with the same picture, but using a filter. Here is a picture without a filter:

I am not an Instagram user, but I do have a few filters internal to my iPhone. I used one called "Noir." Totally different feel to the picture.

Whatever this filter did, it caught the light rays coming from behind the haze and it light up the crests on the water. If I tried to do that in Photoshop, it would involve a few layers, I'm sure, let alone changing the colour file to a monochrome file. It would be interesting to figure out, but my favourite part of the process is composition, not editing. All in all, it was interesting.

And a reminder to take my camera next time.