Too Much Fun

I have had Photoshop for two years now, and most of what I use it for is to correct things like lighting, cropping and sharpening. I will sometimes saturate or de-saturate a photo, but the really fun things have been something I have not attempted much. 

I found some photos I took in 2010 when we went to Manitoba to see my family. This is where my father grew up, and where I spent a lot of time growing up. One day, my husband and I went to the cemetery where my ancestors are buried, all three generations of them. This is also where the local baseball field is. I spent quite a bit of time there as a teenager, watching ball games with friends and family. 

It was quite overgrown. I'm not sure how active the league is now. I practiced turning a photo into an old fashioned one, using the picture of the bleachers. Here it is unedited:

I did a few practice attempts with other photos, using the automatic settings, and then after getting an idea of what is involved, I did one on my own.

One of the steps involved adding "noise," and I was apprehensive about that part, so I went easy on that part.  The process involved removing the colour, adding the noise, and then re-colorizing the picture.

I went around the other side of the bleachers and took a shot from the other direction. You can see the church in the background. 

This was so much fun to try. I love old buildings. There is one here in my little town that I've been wanting to photograph. Maybe I'll try this again.