Rail Trail Twilight

I love to walk along the rail trail no matter what the season. This was the first time, though, that I've gone in the winter. I don't know why that is.

It was a perfect day. The first warm day following a series of very cold days, so the snow was still fresh. On the pond behind us, a group of kids had cleared some snow and were playing hockey. I would have liked to get their picture, but these days, asking to take pictures of kids is a risky business. I settled for the old train track.

I usually come to the trail from the west, but this time, we parked downtown and walked toward the trail.

I wanted to get up there to get a picture of the pond before the sun went down. It was already getting close to 4:30, so I knew my time was running short.

Down below, the light shining against the little bridge was quite pretty, but to get it would have meant attempting to walk on the ice. Further toward downtown, the current doesn't run as fast, and the ice was more solid there.

Once the sun started going down, it wasn't long before the light began to fade. I just love the twilight; in any season.