Mr. Jarvis's Petunias

My next door neighbour, Mr. Jarvis, is 91 years old. He still walks his dog twice a day, and this year is the first year in the ten I have lived here that he hired someone to clean his leaves from his lawn.

Two years ago, his massive birch tree lost a branch; right on my driveway. Fortunately, my car was not in the driveway. Mr. Jarvis, being the fastidious man he is, had that sucker entirely cut down within the next month. With the stump still there, he found something to do with it. He planted petunias.

The yard faces into the morning sun, and it has full sun most of the day, so his petunias were beautiful. After the little brown bunny stopped eating them, they flourished.

Now that fall has come and is almost over, they are not as colourful, but the frost has made them pretty, anyway.