My name is Kim Shay.  In December 2010, I bought myself a Canon Rebel.  For a long time, it sat on a shelf in my office.  I took it out only sporadically.  I realized the only way to learn to use the thing was to take pictures daily, so I began a project where I determined to take a picture daily for 365 days.  I began on September 1, 2011, and I took the last on August 31, 2012.  

In the process of learning to take pictures, I found out what kinds of pictures draw my attention, and what kind of equipment I like to use.  I discovered a hobby that costs a whole lot more than my book buying addiction, but I also see this this is a hobby I can pursue for a long time.  Even since I have finished my project,  I continue to take pictures every day, even if it is just the ordinary things of life, which co-incidentally, are where I find some of the best pictures.

This site is also a work in progress, so I'm keeping it pretty plain for the moment.

Taking photographs forced me to see the world differently.  Everything became a potential picture, which means we have to look closely at things.   I came to appreciate even more the genius of God, who created all of the beauty I saw; beauty on a grand scale and in among the smallest of details.  

This is just a hobby, so don't be expecting anything akin to Ansel Adams.  

All pictures on this site belong to Kim Shay.  Do not use without permission.