Photo Flashback

School is almost out, and I am looking forward to getting my camera out again. It's been so long since I had time for photos. Every week, when I drive to school in the early morning, I pass by so many beautiful pictures opportunities, but I must keep driving.

At the end of the month, I'm off to Saskatchewan. Here is a picture from west of Regina airport which I took in 2013.

Coming soon!

This is an example of what's coming to our house on Labour Day weekend. Yes, because we are gluttons for punishment, we are getting a companion for our Beagle, Luna.

This time, we're getting a male. The breeder said in her experience female dogs can be more dominant than male dogs, and adding a male puppy might be advisable. Our Beagle can definitely be domineering, as our cat (who three months ago wandered away, never to return) discovered when he attempted to get on the couch beside her.

This is only a prototype. Having purchased from this breeder before, I suspect his face will be blacker.

I am not sure if we'll regret this or not, but we have found our Luna, at only five years old, is beginning to get a little lazy and, thus, has gained weight. She needs someone to get her playing. She loves to be chased around the house, but that's not on my agenda. It's much more suitable for her to be chased by another dog.

This is what empty nesters do: buy dogs to fill the space.

Fun with foxes at seminary

Last week, after the first day of my week long module, one of the other students pointed out to me a mother fox and two of her babies. The parking lot, which borders on a wooded area, was empty, and the mother seemed quite undisturbed until she saw us watching, and then she made haste. I found out the next day that there were not just 2 kits, but 7. During the course of the week, I saw them peeking out of the shrubs. On the last day, I managed to get a few pictures. I just got an 85mm lens, which while not the typical focal range for wildlife, suited my purposes.

I looked over the edge of the front walkway. He didn't even know I was there.

He realized I was spying on him, so he ran away from me. I stayed far enough behind so I wouldn't scare him. I could actually hear his mother calling him from the shrubs. I think he ignored her.

Once he made up his mind, he just kept on heading down the path toward the parking lot. School was done for the day!