A voice from another location

Well, well, here I am at my mostly inactive photo blog. I’m coming from here this morning because my regular blog, “That I May Know,” formerly called “The Upward Call” seems to vanished into thin air. As I went to the blog page today to start a draft of something I was greeted with those scary words “WHOOPs!” Not a good sign.

Contacting Squarespace has not been easy. Contacting anyone for service these days is a myriad of pull down menus or voice menus.

After trying to figure out what was happening for about thirty minutes, it occurred to me that maybe my blog is gone. Forever. All of those words. Strangely enough, I wasn’t really all that sad about it. It’s not like I’m anyone important. In some ways it would be a relief.

But it still bothers me.

For all three blog readers out there, you will likely be told that no such blog exists until such time as something is uncovered.